Keynote: Maintaining your inner play-doh, Seattle, WA

After a full three days of insight, learning and soaking it all in, a big thank you to the Future Stores team, specifically Kristin Schoenstein for bringing us all together! Here's a quick recap of my Keynote session: 

Driven by a digital landscape, the maker’s movement & crowd everything, we are witnessing disruption in the world of retail. Consumers are shifting from passively consuming a product to co-creating and inventing on their own. An army of authentic, innovative start-ups with engaged guests are emerging and the landscape is democratizing like never before. How can established businesses respond to maintain their “it” factor? 

Three key takeaways:
1) Bake entrepreneurship into your culture & create
2) Be human & flawsome
3) Enlighten, engage and empower consumers

I distributed play-doh to everyone in the audience before hitting the stage. Why? One, because I'm a big play-doh fan. Two, because it represents what happens when you give someone (of any age) the space to create. Below is a taste of the creativity that emerged; each one unique, "flawsome", having engaged its creator and all, bright expressions of the power of maintaining your inner play-doh.