Front End of Innovation - Betterment, the Future of Retail and Maslow, Boston, MA

The Front End of Innovation - a three-day dose of innovation, inspiration and ideas in the heart of Boston. Alongside a line-up to the likes of Clayton Christensen, Marc Randolph (co-founder of Netflix) and many more, I felt grateful to speak on Betterment, the future of retail and Maslow. 

What I found most intriguing about this conference was connecting the dots between the trend of betterment and Clayton's Christensen's talk on "jobs to be done" as a gateway to uncovering unmet demands and needs of the consumer. As brands, the opportunity is to think about the job to be done for the consumer that enables them to be their best self, whether creatively, intellectually, emotionally, morally, etc.

Below are some of the brands getting this right - from Lululemon and Free People to Airbnb , Headspace and others below.