Media house, Innovation Leader gets behind the scenes with Lindsay Angelo

By Kelsey Alpaio, Innovation Leader Staff Writer

It’s challenging to list all of the things causing angst for the retail sector, from Amazon to new startups to the death of once-popular malls around the country.

But according to Lindsay Angelo, a former Strategy Manager at Vancouver-based lululemon athletica, all that disruption creates the imperative to think differently and take risks. (Angelo left the company earlier this month, and is now a growth strategy consultant.)

“I think retail is going through a really interesting time right now,” Angelo said in a recent conversation. “Certainly as a more established brand, there are a lot of headwinds out there. But think about how you can take advantage of that turbulence internally. For a lot of companies, it can be a great time to innovate and disrupt…It’s creating an environment where innovation is not only necessary, but the appetite for change is really ripe. As innovators, using that to your advantage is powerful.”

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