Stepping into the arena

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the talented Producer, Tim Chung, over the past couple of months to create, capture and articulate my message using the vehicle of film. Glimpsing into the world of film has been fascinating. Never again will I watch an episode of Orphan Black (yes, I still watch it) in the same light. A new found appreciation for film, its intricacies, the creators behind the camera and the sheer amount of effort that goes into merely a ten second clip has been forever borne. 

The video-making process has also challenged me to crystallize my purpose, personal brand & the story I want to share with the world; one I’m passionate about, proud of and that gets me up every morning. It’s a message rooted in personal experience yet revealing key shifts we’re seeing manifest in the consumer arena and the world. It’s a message that has evolved through working with dozens of up-and-coming brands and through six years of research & hitting stages across North America. It’s one that makes me a better strategist, advisor and creator every day.

Today I’m celebrating a year and a quarter as an entrepreneur. Some days I wake up thinking “am I doing it right?”, “am I prioritizing the right things to drive my business?”, “am I living up to my potential?” Other days I wake up confident I’m on the right path - today is one of those. Today, I celebrate the completion of my speaker reel…and more importantly another step forward in a story that I hope to be lucky enough to tell on many more stages and in many more arenas.

A big thank you to all of you who helped bring this to life.

Happy viewing,

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