What do Yoga & Strategy have in common?

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I was asked to share my thoughts on the link between yoga and strategy at the Front End of Innovation in Boston, MA earlier this year. Having spent seven years working in the athletic apparel space, six of those with the market leader in yoga apparel, I've dedicated some mind share to the question, however it got me thinking further about not just the link but what the two of them have in common. 

To what end? Here's my take (as only a Strategist can frame an answer but in a package of three):

1)  They're about GROWTH and the fulfillment of potential; yoga, personal growth, strategy, business growth

2)  ALIGNMENT is paramount; in yoga, mind-body & posture alignment, in strategy, alignment of product with market needs and of all parties involved in crafting and executing strategy

3)  CORE is essential. In yoga, engaging your core, being centered and balanced is key given your core supports the curves of your spine acting as a foundation. In Strategy, core plays into both the a) creation and b) execution of strategy. In creation, focusing on the core of who you are and what you uniquely deliver is pivotal as you craft your growth path. In executing strategy, setting yourself up for success starts from within. Who you are internally; your people and culture manifests externally. Ensuring both your people and culture are aligned with and enrolled in your strategy is key.

So, between what can seem like two disparate things, we find the common thread of Growth, Alignment and Core. Perhaps, if we stay curious, there is more that Yoga can teach us about how to grow our businesses and brands?

What do you think? Post your comments!